beFree Yoga Tyler

beFree Yoga Tyler

You Belong

Our high-quality yoga is for every level and every body.

Yoga can help anyone feel better. Problem is ...

It’s probably different from anything else you’ve ever done before! It can feel intimidating and vulnerable. (Do I need a mat? What should I wear? What’s an updog? We’ve all been there.)

Don't worry, beFree is not:

Give yourself what you need

We've seen it firsthand: frustrated athletes who want more flexibility, patients whose doctors told them to try yoga, people tired of waking up every morning with anxiety. What do they – and all of us – have in common? A desire to feel better.

High Standards

Qualified teachers with thousands of hours of training. Translation: We can teach to your body and your needs. And every teacher is matched with classes that suit their strengths and passions. 

Body + Mind

Yoga is more than handstands. We’re physiology nerds who study how our bodies and minds are designed to work together: muscles, breath, mind and organs. Did you know that twisting helps your digestive system? And paying attention to your breath can decrease anxiety and lower your blood pressure? We love talking about the science behind it all. 

Variety of Classes

We have a balanced schedule of classes that are as diverse as our members. (See full schedule AND curated schedules based on your skill level and lifestyle.) Are you a beginner who wants to learn the basics? Advanced yogi who likes creative flows and deeper challenges? Oh, and don’t forget about our restorative yoga and our special offerings like live music classes, Sound Therapy, meditations, workshops and retreats.




With consistency, yoga will change your life. Even heal you, bit by bit. 

1. Become a member

Sign up for unlimited monthly yoga at our beautiful studio & anywhere else we teach! Memberships start at $49/month and you can pay monthly or annually. Like any good yoga practitioner, we're pretty flexible ;).

2. Become like family

We'll take care of you and help you find the classes that best fit you. You'll have an advocate on your unique journey. What do you want the most out of your yoga practice? We want that for you too.

3. Become a calmer, stronger you

You're standing a little straighter. Your head is a little clearer. You're performing better at the gym, at work, at home. Oh, and that one pose you hated on Day One? It's a whole lot easier today.

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